Time is everything

To be able to 100% commit to a certain discipline, time management is very important. If scheduling is needed, by all means stick to it. Believe me when I say that aside from inspiration (and medical conditions and physical limitations), timing is everything. Let me break it down for you.

1.) Just do it – Without actually trying the program, tendency is to prolong the agony and not doing it at all. You don’t have to throw yourself into the program 100% (it’s best if you can). Try doing the exercises first and then the nutrition part later on. Or start by doing the nutrition part first and then the lifestyle changes next week. Allow yourself to slide into the program and slowly but surely adjust everything until you are fully into the program. No excuses, just do it and do it now!

2.) Find a studio/gym that is convenient at the same time has quality instructors – What’s the point of traveling an hour or two in heavy traffic just to get a good workout? Find a place that is convenient for you in which it just takes around an hour max from work or home. Why? Simply because it eats a lot of time! Usually what happens is you are motivated for about a month and then lose the excitement to do your workout because travel time is longer than your workout. And then, life will get a hold of you.  Usual excuses are:

“I need to rush my workout”
“I need to go to work”
“I need to make my workout quick, the gym/studio is about to close.” (Although this can also be a good thing. Find out later.)
“I have overtime work”
“I have exams the next day.”



Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio Philippines offers all of your needs from kids to geriatrics, from injured to the elite athlete, from pre natal to post natal. It is the most trusted brand in Pilates as their method is Stott Pilates and they are the only licensed training center in the Philippines. They have quality internationally trained instructors. Find out more here: Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio Philippines


Photo credit to spot.ph

  • Pilates Manila is a hidden Pilates studio in the South Area with quality trained instructors also in the method of Stott Pilates. They are not just a Pilates Studio as they also combine other exercise methods such as kettlebells, yoga and TRX suspension training.
    Find out more here:  Pilates Manila


3.) Plan ahead your meals and workouts

Meal prepping
There are a lot of easy to do meals that you can do at home that is actually cost effective rather than dining at  a restaurant or fast food. It’s healthier, cheaper, and at the same time the proportions are controlled. (Shy about having packed lunch at work? Think about that new tv or cellphone that you have always wanted or think about that new car or a house.) Always have 2-3 meals with 1-2 snacks. Don’t have time during weekdays to prepare meals? Prepare your meat proteins for the whole week during your rest day. This will make your ref full with lock n locks but it’s a good investment anyway.

Don’t want to prepare your own food? Here are alternatives from our program but not primal. They offer meal deliveries right to your doorsteps.



  • V Kitchen Manila! Their meals are vegan or vegetarian and can be customized for your food preference or if you have food allergies. Although they are quite pricey, rest assured that they offer quality and very tasty food. Packages come in different calorie settings depending on your needs.

Link is here: V Kitchen



1385587_172949172909148_1194012061_n (1).jpg


  • Check out plan:eat program. They are affordable at around P80.00/meal and having the snacks and desserts for free. Every day they have different set meals and snacks dependent on your calorie needs per day which is good because they change menus every day but the meal plans are not customizable.

Check them out here: Plan:eat


Schedule Workouts

As per the program, it requires 1-3 short but intense workouts per week, 2-5 hours of slow cardio per week, once every 1-2 weeks of an all out run, and play days. This is a lot if you think about it but then again, it’s not.

  • 1-3 short but intense workouts
    • Schedule this with a personal trainer, group class or your calendar so that you are forced to do it at first and then make it a habit. Have it on your alarm and dedicate yourself to doing it whether it is an early morning or a late night workout, force yourself to do it. It is for your own good. And it can be done as short as 15 minutes as long as it is intense! Do this in your nearby gym/studio or at yout local playground/park or better yet, do it at your own home.
  • Slow cardio
    • It means you can actually do short trips as minimal as a few minutes to a few hours. Few minutes can be walking from one place to the other like from your car to work, ascending/descending the stairs. Walking inside the mall or groceries. Love your walking and park from afar. Parking is always full anyway. You can also do a weekly swim, jog, or bike for that matter. Incorporate this with your friends or children and then become competitive. It then becomes play and at the same time it challenges your body more.



Check out these different destinations as they have good and friendly environment for you, your family, and your friends to have fun and workout. BTW that is my daughter’s bike. lol


Next post will be the foundations you need to learn for exercise which is the 5 basic principles of Stott Pilates. Learning this will make the exercises more safe at the same time more effective. Add this to your regular workout routine and for sure, it will make everything more challenging.

In fitness and in health,
Coach Jam


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